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Six Reason To Get Pipe Relining Solutions In West Pymble

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There are often two options for dealing with damaged pipes. The first is the traditional pipe repairs that involve removing the damaged part of the pipe and replacing it with a new piece. The other involves leaving the damaged pipe in the ground and having it relined by a professional. Pipe relining solutions are proving to be worth the investment for many West Pymble and Pymble residents. Here’s why:

Reason #1: Saves Money

Doing down the traditional pipe replacement route means you need to prepare for digging up the ground to get to the damaged pipe. As soon as the pipe has been repaired, the hole needs to be filled in again. With pipe relining solutions, there’s no digging required but a technology that cuts that saving you a fortune in labour costs.

Reason #2: Saves Time

Pipe relining is far quicker than traditional pipe replacements. With the latter, it can take up to 2 weeks depending on the severity of the damaged pipe whereas pipe relining can be carried out within a day so that you can get back home and use your facilities.

Reason#3: It’s Less Intrusive

Often with traditional pipe replacements, you may need to get in touch with the local council to request approval for work to be carried out or have your street blocked off to redirect traffic while your plumbers work. This can cause much frustration for you and other residents in the area – relining cuts out this process.

Reason #4: Extends Life

Due to how durable pipe relining is, as the reline is inserted into the already existing pipe, it helps improve and strengthen the pre-existing pipe giving it over 50 years lifespan.

Reason #5: Environmentally Friendly

Digging the ground can have significant implications on the environment, and as you’ve seen, traditional pipe replacements require much digging. With pipe relining, there’s no need for heavy machinery like excavators to dig, making pipe relining solutions more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Reason #6: Water Flow

Newly relined pipes are smooth and have no chips, flakes or cracks that could potentially cause blockages. The smoothness of the newly reline pipe means that water can continuously flow uninterrupted and has better chances of handling high water pressure with ease.

Are you looking for pipe relining solutions in West Pymble and Pymble surrounds? There’s no better place than with the services of Platinum Pipe Relining. Get in touch with us today.



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