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Why No-Dig Pipe Relining Is Essential To Repair Pipes In Multistorey Buildings

Where there are multistorey buildings, there are multiple residents, occupants, or employees.

So, the load placed on these building’s sewer pipes, and the resultant wear-and-tear, is multiplied too!

The Misfortunes Of Multistorey Buildings

Unfortunately, having so many people rely on the same plumbing system means that these pipes will degrade much faster than standard, one-storey buildings and homes in Sydney.

Without the revolutionary services of pipe relining, temporary fixes often result in future costly problems, more damage, and in extreme cases – disruptive excavation and replacement!

Leaks are common (and costly) as old, degraded pipes corrode and weaken. Consistent clogs are caused by ageing or broken pipes preventing proper sewage drainage. With such excessive loads, expect breakages and collapses, especially for old or unmaintained pipes.

You name it, and multistorey buildings have it – faster and with more costly outcomes!

But, you name it, and pipe relining can solve it! Let’s delve in.

The Benefits Of Pipe Relining For Multistorey Buildings

#1 No Digging Needed

With pipe relining, little to no digging is required! A durable, flexible epoxy resin liner is inserted and inverted into the pipes using compressed air, using hot water to cure the resin, in place.

This essentially creates new pipes within your old pipes, which are stronger than PVC!

You won’t have to worry about disrupting your occupants, removing paving and concrete, digging up your landscape, and paying for a brand new pipe system to be installed (or the weeks of waiting)!

#2 Extremely Economical

Without the need for intensive manual labour, excavation, replacement pipes, concrete setting, and landscape restoration, pipe relining offers much more affordable repairs!

After the initial payment for the call-out and relining services, your property’s pipes will be reinforced and problem-free for decades to come – without causing costly damage or disruption to the surrounding landscape and property.

This also means that you won’t be incurring regular repair costs, which is often the case when temporary quick-fixes are performed (like corrosive, caustic chemicals).

#3 Timely Turnaround

By merely inserting and inverting the durable, flexible epoxy resin into the problem pipes, the process is much faster (and full-proof) than other methods.

Rather than waiting weeks, you can enjoy pristine, reinforced pipes in a matter of days without any costly cleanups wasting time – no matter how hard-to-reach the problem pipes are!

Simply put, pipe relining offers revolutionary solutions for protecting, repairing, and reinforcing pipes in multistorey Sydney buildings!

And with Platinum Pipe Relining on your side, you’ll enjoy all the above and more! Our specialist expertise ensures unrivalled turnaround times with no mess or malfunction left behind.

Contact us today to keep multistorey pipe problems at bay!

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