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With Rain On The Way, Check For Blocked Stormwater Pipes Before It’s Too Late!

Your stormwater pipes are your property’s first line of protection against flooding from – you guessed it – heavy rainfall.

They capture the excess water running off your roof and property, allowing proper drainage. They then redirect this water away from your property and into a large body of water or termination point.

Without their help, you’ll experience a host of problems!

Problems Caused By Blocked Stormwater Pipes

  • Excess flooding around your property during rainfall
  • Soil erosion and loss of layers of soil
  • Increased dampness that attracts pests like mosquitos
  • Excess water flooding your garage and driveways
  • Pooling water causing paving weaknesses and structural problems
  • Roof leaks from pooling water

This can be hugely damaging for your property. Your landscaping efforts can be lost after one big rain, leading to less fertile soil, a potential risk for future flooding, and cracks or sinking around your home’s foundation!

On top of that, your property’s paving will also experience problems. Depending on the type of paving, you may experience a loss of foundational soil beneath it, potholes, and accelerated natural degradation.

Considering heavy rains are on the way, you’ll need to check your stormwater pipes for blockages ASAP before it’s too late!

Signs To Look Out For

  • Slow draining or pooling water in and around your stormwater pipes
  • Water pooling around your property
  • Unusual gurgling sounds coming from your stormwater drain
  • Bubbles coming up from the ground
  • Tree roots found within the pipes or drains
  • Overflowing roof gutters

If you notice even one of these signs, you need to call in a pipe relining specialist ASAP to protect your property from the coming rainfall!

Pick A Pipe Relining Specialist

The problem here is that many reasons can cause blocked stormwater pipes, the most common of which include:

  • Build-ups of debris
  • Broken or damaged stormwater pipes
  • Tree roots intruding through cracks and weaknesses

So, you’ll need a professional with the ability to inspect your pipes for problems and repair them if necessary – without digging up your property to do so!

With a pipe relining specialist, you’ll have access to the latest, minimally invasive tools and technology needed to access your pipes without damaging your property.

Where any damage, tree roots, or collapsed pipes are found, these professionals will be able to repair them faster and more efficiently.

The results in a reinforced pipe that has more strength and durability than before. In fact, these pipes prevent blockages and repairs for years to come!

That’s where Platinum Pipe Relining comes in.

With the latest technology and continuously updated expertise under our toolbelts, your pipes will be as good as new (if not better!) and your property will be prepared for the incoming rain.

Contact us today to keep stormwater pipe problems away for good!



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