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Worrying Reasons You Should Reline Your Pipes Once Problems Begin To Pop Up

When pipe problems start popping up, most homeowners tend to look the other way with the hope that they will ‘sort themselves out’ in time.

But, what you don’t realise is that these problems don’t go away on their own. They get worse – much worse!

Pipe relining is proven to permanently fix your pipes by reinforcing them with a new, durable inner lining that lasts for years – without any digging! However, sometimes the neglect is too severe to save them.

Here are three worrying reasons pipe relining is a must when problems arise!

#1 Inevitable Excavation And Replacement

Ignoring pipe problems and hoping that they will go away on their own can create costly catastrophes down the line!

Even something as simple as ignoring a drain that continuously gets blocked can take a big chunk out of your life savings.

Unbeknown to you, a small initial crack can lead to holes, allowing soil to collapse into and constantly block your drain. Over time, this damage accumulates until weak parts of the pipe break away, leaving it beyond repair!

Your only hope in this case? Excavating and replacing the pipes.

This means that tiles will need to be ripped up, concrete slabs will be broken, and the surrounding area excavated over weeks!

#2 The Costs Of Consistently Clearing Clogs

Although this may seem trivial, an inconvenience at best, it’s a serious issue.

These temporary fixes create a cycle of damage over time – one that inevitably leaves replacement as your only option!

Chemical drain cleaners slowly corrode your pipes over time, while electric eel’s and high-pressure water jets can weaken, damage, and damage them over time.

Although a quick, but temporary fix, consistently clearing your pipes compromises their structure and makes them vulnerable to breaks and erosion from ground shifts, thirsty tree roots, chemical corrosion, and more!

#3 Succumb To Coming Rains

As our climate changes and weather worsens, we’ve seen truly disastrous damage caused to properties with old, degraded plumbing.

Your pipes may be able to get by for a couple more months under normal conditions, but they won’t have the structural integrity and strength to handle a torrent of water from heavy rains!

As the ground saturates, it softens and shifts. This can cause the surrounding soil to strain your pipes, leading to more damage, cracks and holes, and buildups of soil.

As you can see, pipe relining is essential to prevent more costly problems from popping up in the future.

As pipe relining specialists, our team at Platinum Pipe Relining has seen and relined it all. Using the latest in CCTV and inversion lining tech, we’ll reinforce your pipes, making them stronger than PVC, in a matter of days – no digging needed!

Visit our website to see how it’s done.

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