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Choosing Pipe Relining

We are the pipe relining specialists in the greater Sydney region.
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Wondering whether pipe relining is the way to go to fix your problem?

Then let’s go through the pros and cons so you can make an informed decision.

Replacement versus relining

Digging up and replacing a pipe involves excavating. Large machinery is needed and the garden is damaged in the process. It is the traditional fix and you know it works – it’s the proven solution but takes time with the added expense and hassle of those heavy and damaging excavators.

With pipe relining, the work is done like key hole surgery – all below the surface with little damage to the surrounding area.

The liner is fed into the tube and pressurised into place before hardening and becoming the new pipe. But how do you know it’s good quality and will last? It, too, is a solution that is proven as it has been done like this in Europe for years. Plus it’s German technology and so excellent quality.

Also ask around. Find someone who has had pipe relining work done and discover first hand how the job went and if they’re happy with the end result.

Like all things, it’s important to be armed with the right information before you charge ahead. Often you need this work done fast but being well informed could save you problems down the track.

For more information, call Rhys at Platinum Pipe Relining, on 0421 637 410

Rhys Manion

Rhys Manion

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Platinum Pipe Relining

Our relining fixes blocked drain without digging up the garden, path, driveway and it’s stronger than the original pipe

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