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Replacement Versus Pipe Relining

We are the pipe relining specialists in the greater Sydney region.

How does pipe relining compare to replacement?

It’s hard to believe that an underground pipe can be fixed from above the ground.

But that is exactly what pipe relining is. All the work is done like keyhole surgery – from within the busted pipe.

But how can the end result be as good as the traditional method of digging up and replacing the pipe?

It’s all about the liner used to create the new section of pipe.

The German engineered patented liners and resin used by Brawoliner are of high quality.

The high performance of the liner comes from its flexible polyester loop construction.

This allows the liner to expand to pipes of various diameter. It can also cope with multiple 90 degree bends without wrinkling.

All this creates a seamless, smooth finish inside the pipe.

As for the resin, it’s highly resistant to chemicals and abrasion as well as being environmentally friendly.

As for durability, it’s good for over 50 years.

When you compare this to replacement, it’s a no brainer.

You can have big excavators on your block damaging whatever they roll over and digging up the yard creating a whole lot of mess just to replace the pipe, or a fix that has little impact on your yard and yet delivers a similar result!

The choice is yours.

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Rhys Manion

Rhys Manion

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