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We are the pipe relining specialists in the greater Sydney region.
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A good drenching of rain can highlight issues with drainage and the usual thought is that you’ll have to organise for the plumbing to checked out.

Then if there’s a problem discovered, what next?

Do you get someone in to dig up the pipes?

Not necessarily because of the relatively new technique known as pipe relining.

It has been developed in Germany and makes so much sense it’s surprising no one has thought of it before.

Think of a tube that has a crack or is broken. If you insert a piece of paper inside that tube and stick it to the inside walls, you have a fully sealed tube again.

That’s exactly the principle of pipe relining, just on a bigger scale.

And instead of paper, the liner is made from a resin material that begins flexible enough to be moulded to any diameter and shape.

Once fitted into place using special state-of-the-art equipment, the lining becomes hard and as durable as any pipe on the market.

This is why we recommend relining as opposed to digging up and replacing, which is not necessary any more and eliminates the need to dig.

For more information, call Rhys at Platinum Pipe Relining, on 0421 637 410

Rhys Manion

Rhys Manion

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Platinum Pipe Relining

Our relining fixes blocked drain without digging up the garden, path, driveway and it’s stronger than the original pipe

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