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The Solution To Cracked Pipes

We are the pipe relining specialists in the greater Sydney region.
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Ever considered pipe relining as a solution for broken or cracked pipes?

The main benefit, and it’s a big one, is that it totally eliminates the need to dig. So gardens, driveways, pools and everything else above the underground drain stay intact.

This revolutionary technique solves the problem when part of the pipe needs repairing.

Show does relining work?

Basically as the name implies! A specialised machine feeds a resin liner into the affected area and then moulds it to the required shape before it is pressurised into place and hardens to become a long lasting, completely sealed tube.

The technique was developed in Germany and tried and tested thoroughly to ensure it works just as well as total replacement. It is extremely flexible so suits any pipe shape and diameter.

Rehabilitation of a pipe using relining retains its structural integrity and water tightness which is imperative for a long term solution when serious damage is discovered.

As in keyhole surgery, all the work is carried out from above the ground using state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the most professional job is done promptly and with as little disruption to the property owner as possible.

With pipe relining there is minimal disruption to property which is why it is really taking off and replacing the old dig up and replace method.

Rhys Manion

Rhys Manion

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Platinum Pipe Relining

Our relining fixes blocked drain without digging up the garden, path, driveway and it’s stronger than the original pipe

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