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Why Pipe Relining?

We are the pipe relining specialists in the greater Sydney region.
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The real benefit of pipe relining over replacing a pipe is the minimal disruption to customers.

The last thing you want is to have big excavators coming onto your property and running over flower beds and lawns and digging up big holes in the garden.

It can be quite stressful seeing the damage that then has to be fixed after they’ve rolled out.

Pipe relining is so much simpler but just as effective. The resin liner that’s used to reline the pipe is durable and long lasting and the job is done more efficiently and with the least amount of impact on all concerned.

The technology is gathering momentum in the industry because it works. However be aware that it requires specialised training to use the equipment so make sure the team you choose has experience and customers happy with the results.

Find out who their customers are and call them to see how the job went and whether they’re happy with the outcome.

Of course make sure you see the damage so you understand why this is being recommended.

Most companies have CCTVs now and can show you what is causing the problem and why they are recommending pipe relining as a solution.

As with most things it’s important to be armed with the right information so you end up with the best possible outcome.

For more information, call Rhys at Platinum Pipe Relining, on 0421 637 410

Rhys Manion

Rhys Manion

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Platinum Pipe Relining

Our relining fixes blocked drain without digging up the garden, path, driveway and it’s stronger than the original pipe

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